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Men's Pea Coat "Cap Sizun"
Men's Pea Coat "Cap Sizun"

Men's Pea Coat "Cap Sizun"

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Gentlemen, do you want warmth, elegance and high quality? The pea coat is one of the best coats for men.
The story of this pea coat starts in the desert, before crossing oceans and becoming the benchmark for nautical clothing.

Wool broadcloth
With this wool broadcloth material, you will enjoy the benefits of a 100% natural fiber:

  • highly insulating
  • breathable
  • waterproof
  • Water-repellent
  • does not need to be waxed and retains its color

The density of the fabric and the quality of the wool provide excellent protection against all weather conditions as well as optimal thermo-regulation.

Details and finishes
You will love the authentic details of this pea coat:

  • The straight cut allows for freedom of movement
  • 2 easily accessible hand warmer pockets on the stomach,
  • the wide collar closes with a raised button placket,
  • 2 inside pockets, one with a zip, the other buttoned
  • The double buttoning is used to close the pea coat to protect against the wind, while the double thickness of the fabric helps to protect against the cold
  • 2 rows of carefully sewn engraved shank buttons

Caring for a wool broadcloth coat is very easy. Dry clean it every 2 years, without applying waterproofing. Hang it regularly and brush with an appropriate brush. The wool doesn't get dirty very often and doesn't retain odors.


  • 100% wool
  • 100% polyester plain lining