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Rathbornes Dublin Dusk Candle

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Rathbornes Dublin Dusk Candle 

Rathbornes is the world's oldest candle making company, with techniques refined since 1488.  These luxurious candles are hand-poured in Dublin using their traditional beeswax and premium essential oils for fragrance.

Smoked Oud and Ozonic Accords
This is our new fragrance from the Beyond the Pale Collection. This new scent is called Dublin Dusk. This fragrance is a rich, ozonic which accords from the Irish coast with a crisp freshness of aromatic woods of smoked oud and aged cedar. Whilst the dark spicy tones of ginger, pepper and anise reveal a base of sweet notes of patchouli and soft musk.

Choose between our three sizes; the Travel Candle, the Classic Candle and the Luxury Candle. The Travel Candle is ideal for when you're on the go, is a 1-wick candle, and burns for up to 20 hours.  The Classic Candle is made with two evenly distributed wicks for the best quality burn, and burns and releases fragrance for up to 40 hours. The Luxury Candle has 4 wicks and lasts up to 50 hours.

  • Made with a beeswax blend
  • Made with premium essential oils
  • Hand-poured in Dublin