• Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli Candle



    Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli Candles

    Rathbornes is the world's oldest candle making company, with techniques refined since 1488.  These luxurious candles are handpured in Dublin using their traditional beewax and premium essential oils for fragrance.  This candle has a romantic floral scent with top notes of citrus and raspberry to evoke the warmth of sunshine, blended with middle notes of creamy rosebuds, vanilla and a luscious base of oud, patchouli and amber resin for a sweeping, romantic experience.

    Choose between our two sizes; the Travel Candle and the Classic Candle.  The Travel Candle is ideal for when you're on the go, is a 1-wick candle, and burns for up to 20 hours.  The Classic Candle is made with two evenly distributed wicks for the best quality burn, and burns and releases fragrance for up to 40 hours.

    Made with a beeswax blend

    Made with premium essential oils

    Handpoured in Dublin