• Wool & Cashmere Trellis Pullover


    Irelands Eye Knitwear
    Wool & Cashmere Trellis Pullover

    REF# A641

    This cozy sweater is a stylish alternative to the traditional Aran style while still holding onto the nastalgia of the classic Aran patterns.  It features the ancient trellis stitch along the front and cuffs of the sweater.  This design symbolizes the unique landscape pattern of the Aran Islands fenced in with roughly hewn stones which were built for protection from the strong Atlantic winds.  This garment's slim fit as well as elaborate detailing give it a truly feminine look and feel.  Colors are shown in same order as listed on the color bar.  We recommend this product be dry cleaned or hand washed.  Check our 'Fabric Care' tab for the best choices in wash products.  

    95% Wool, 5% Cashmere
    Made in Ireland