Glenfinnan Matte Pewter Sgian Dubh


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The Sgian Dubh Company

Glenfinnan Matte Pewter Sgian Dubh

REF#: SD106M

Sgian Dubh, pronouced (Ski-en Doo) means "black knife" in Gaelic.  The sgian dubh knife was a small backup weapon and utility blade usually concealed in the folds of the Great Kilt.  "Black knife" may refer to the dark colored wood used for the handles, or to the idea that it was a hidden weapon.  

This Sgian Dubh Company knife has a beautifully made pewter handle shaped like a stag and has a real black leather sheath.  Our Sgian Dubhs are not sharpened, but do have a beautifully done stainless steel blade.

Product of Scotland