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Highland Cow in Snow 15" x 15" Medium Canvas Framed Photo

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Behold the striking image of a magnificent brown highland cow. Its thick fur adorned with delicate snow crystals, creating a breathtaking contrast against the snowy backdrop. Hang this stunning photograph proudly in your living room or entryway, where its captivating presence can be admired by all who enter.

  • Printed with vivid colored inks on cotton canvas mounted on wood
  • Solid hardwood frame
  • Made in the USA
  • MEDIUM 15" tall x 15" tall x 1.5" deep w/ 3/4" thick frame
  • Signs may have +/-1" variations
  • All signs can stand on a shelf or table (Medium & Large can also hang on a wall)
  • Farmhouse style frames have small rustic imperfections that make them unique