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Oriel Teeling Whiskey Irish Mineral Salt - 8.8 oz

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Oriel Teeling Whiskey Irish Mineral Salt 8.8 oz

Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt is created by smoking Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt above aged 90-year-old Teeling® Whiskey oak kegs within hours of being emptied; this ensures that the kegs retain their rich whiskey and oak aroma, which is then subtlety infused into Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt. Oriel salt is world renowned for being rich in minerals and low in sodium, with a powerful taste that allows chefs to use less salt to get the same full flavor. Once smoked, it delivers a powerful and smoky delicious flavor that is sure to leave you craving more!

  • Powerful taste profile with deep mineral oak and whiskey after tones.
  • Lower Sodium plus you use less - up to 25% reduction. (But you will want more)
  • Fine Grain powder like texture allows you to use less because that's all you need.
  • More of a great Finisher, this one will change the way you think about salt. 
  • Smooth non-oxidised flavor is enhanced by the Whiskey and Oak notes.
  • Healthier – More minerals, lower Sodium and use less (with this, who cares?).
  • No Additives, Sea Salt as nature intended with just a puff of mighty smokin.
  • Totally Irish – Natural, Pure and Local.