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Pewter Quartz Pocket Watch

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Pewter Quartz Pocket Watch

A beautiful timepiece for everyone! The perfect gift for a birthday, father's day, graduation or Christmas present.  For the Groom, Best Man and Groomsman add extra style to your wedding day with a pocket watch, the 12" chain loops into the buttonhole of the waistcoat and the watch sits neatly in the pocket. Quartz movement with easy time setting, the white face, roman numerals and second hand makes it easy to read.  It is 1.75" in diameter. Comes in a green presentation box and has room to be personalized on the back also.

  • Quartz Pocket Watch
  • Roman Numerals
  • Dimensions - 1.75" in diameter, 12" chain
  • Pewter Embellishments on Front
  • Handmade in Ireland

Celtic Knots - The Celtic designs seen on our products are taken from the Kells manuscripts, the most famous Irish artifact. Celtic symbols and designs have been around for centuries.

Book of Kells Celtic Bird - The design on this watch is that of entwined birds. These long beaked birds could be that of cranes wrapped around each other and twisted through Celtic lace pattern.

Book of Kells Celtic Dog - This pocket watch is enhanced with a pewter Celtic design. In ancient times the hound/dog were seen as a symbol of hunting, healing and bravery they were often given as gifts to royalty and warriors. 

Trinity Knot - ‘Triquerta’ meaning three-cornered, is the Latin word given to the Trinity knot. Found in the famous Kells manuscripts, it is believed that one of the many symbols of the Trinity knot.