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Celtic Cradle of Life Drop Earrings

Celtic Cradle of Life Drop Earrings

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Ref #: PEX10480-D

The Celtic Cradle of Life reminds us that our lives are forever intertwined with the lives of those we love. These threads that bind us to one another help to weave our own destinies - past, present and future.

  • Sterling Silver and 10k Yellow Gold
  • Dimensions (width x height): 1/2" x 3/4"
  • Height is measured from the top of the findings loop to the bottom of the earring
  • Made in Canada

Delicate hoops of interlocking silver surround a traditional Celtic Trinity Knot, a design that goes back millennia to the iron age and beyond. Though its original meaning may be lost to time, it figures prominently in Celtic art—most famously as a recurring motif in the Book of Kells—the Trinity Knot represents many things to many people. Here, as the heart of the interweaving silver curves, it can represent the solidarity from which springs life, or even the Heart of Ireland expanding into the world.

As mysterious as it is beautiful, the Celtic Cradle of Life is a symbol of love—that of a lover, or a child, or a family, of a country. The Sterling silver surrounding the Celtic Trinity Knot may be seen as an abstract version of the Celtic Knot, with the same interlocking loops that have no true start or finish, representing eternity. Just as with the Celtic Knot, the silver consists of a single piece of silver delicately and carefully surrounding the heart of yellow gold. It is a symbol of forever, of undying love, of a life that will go on into the eternities.