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Stainless Steel Flask w/ Glass Center
Stainless Steel Flask w/ Glass Center

Stainless Steel Flask w/ Glass Center

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Stainless Steel Flask w/ Glass Center 5oz

Grab one of these great flasks and sip on your favorite Irish whisky wherever you go! These stainless steel flasks are easy to care for, and feature one of two different ancient Book of Kells designs with a center glass piece.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Screw Top
  • Pewter Embellishments
  • Hold 5 oz of liquid
  • Handmade in Ireland

Book of Kells Design - Celtic Dog

When the Latin missionary monks brought Christianity to Ireland in early 400 A.D., they also brought a new way of teaching people Bible stories and prayers. As many people could not read, the monks used pictures and symbols in their writings, as can be seen in the Kells manuscript. On this design the image are of dogs or hounds entwined sometimes these images were incorporated into letters in the manuscript.  The hound is a symbol of bravery and courage which is associated with Irish legends – the Hound of Culainn.

Book of Kells Design - Celtic Lion

The animal depicted on this piece was drawn by the Latin missionary monks when they wrote the Kells manuscript, and similar to most of the animals illustrated, they were drawn from the imagination of the monks. It has been argued that this creature may be a lion, St. Mark's symbol. The opening line of this gospel is "Tunc crucifixerant Xpi cum eo duos latrones", ("Then they crucified Christ, and with him two robbers"). The 'T' in 'Tunc' is where this creature has been taken from.