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Stainless Steel Hip Flask 5oz

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Stainless Steel Hip Flask 5oz

This simple yet beautiful hip flask is made of stainless steel and features one of five different pewter Celtic embellishments on the front. These flasks are a great gift whether for a friend, family member, or for yourself!

  • Stainless Steel
  • Screw Top
  • Pewter Embellishments
  • Holds 5oz of Liquid
  • Handmade in Ireland

Celtic Bird Design - Celtic Birds as seen in the Book of Kells. The Birds are entwined into the fabric of the Celtic knot.

Celtic Dog Design - When the Latin missionary monks brought Christianity to Ireland in early 400 A.D., they also brought a new way of teaching people Bible stories and prayers. As many people could not read, the monks used pictures and symbols in their writings, as can be seen in the Kells manuscript. On this design the image are of dogs or hounds entwined sometimes these images were incorporated into letters in the manuscript.  The hound is a symbol of bravery and courage which is associated with Irish legends – the Hound of Culainn.

Celtic Knots - The Celtic designs seen on our products are taken from the Kells manuscripts, the most famous Irish artifact. Celtic symbols and designs have been around for centuries.

Shamrock - A classic Irish motif, the Shamrock has been recognized as the symbol of Ireland for centuries. It is said that Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, used the shamrock to describe the Holy Trinity - The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit - each represented by a leaf.

Trinity Knot - ‘Triquerta’ meaning three-cornered, is the Latin word given to the Trinity knot. Found in the famous Kells manuscripts, it is believed that one of the many symbols of the Trinity knot.