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S3255 Sterling Silver & Enamel Small Shamrock Earrings

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REF#: S3255

These cute Solvar Shamrock earrings are crafted in sterling silver and decorated with green enamel to unite and emphasis the most recognized Irish symbol in the world. The name Shamrock comes from the Irish 'seamróg' which literally means 'young clover'. In ancient times, this tiny three-leafed plant bloomed far and wide and laid a carpet of green all over the limestone hills of Ireland. These earrings (approximately 6 mm) have a longer post for more comfortable and secure use and will compliment any jewelry lover. And remember, the Shamrock brings luck to the wearer…

  • Sterling Silver
  • Painted Green Enamel
  • Dimensions - (H x W) .24 in x .24 in
  • Made in Ireland