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Tales of Huckleberry Hedge: Thistle Thorns & Thunderstorms

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'Tales of Huckleberry Hedge: Thistle Thorns and Thunderstorms' is the third book of the series.

'thistle Thorns & thunderstorms' features all four of the familiar characters from the very first book of the 'Tales of Huckleberry Hedge' series. It features a meaningful but adventurous tale that proves just how important it is to never give up. When Huckle, Orchard, Fig and Dumpling decide they would like to have a picnic at the very top of the highest hill in Huckleberry Hedge, they embark on an adventure like never before... The four forest friends are met with thorny thistles, thundering rain and flooded pathways, every obstacle is yet another reason why they feel like giving up and just going back home, will they ever reach the top of the hill for their yummy picnic?

Grab your copy of 'Thistle Thorns & Thunderstorms' today and you too can join the four forest friends on their adventure-packed story and find out why it is so very important to never, ever give up.